Mangotsfield United

Mangotsfield United Football Club

Mangotsfield United are my local club in the truest sense of the word. I remember going to Cossham Street in the late 1990’s early 2000’s to watch ‘field take on Bristol Rovers in pre-season friendlies. I took more of an interest in the club when ex-Rovers trainee Rob Claridge who’s Dad my Dad worked with started playing for the club. It was only around 2008 I properly started watching the ‘field. With cheap admission prices for an hour and a half of entertainment who could go wrong? Unfortunately I start watching the ‘field regularly when Frank Gregan was in charge, Gregans brand of football wasn’t the best and Mangotsfield saw themselves near the bottom of the Southern Premier League. Luckily caretaker managers Paul Millsom and the brilliant Gary Thorne managed to keep ‘field in the league and in turn Millsom received the job permanently. Unfortunately they had only prevented relegation by a season as budget cuts saw the team near the bottom of the league all year. Phil Bater was asked to rescue the season but couldn’t as ‘field were relegated to the South & West Division. Bater stayed on and in his first full season bought stability to the club and bringing back a more vocal element to the support. Mangotsfield were unlucky in the cup against Forest Green Rovers and saw a Supporters Club come about with the main aim of raising money for the club. This season Mangotsfield have had a cracking start but due to financial difficulties always around at the lower levels find themselves budget cutting again. Here’s hoping they’ll still push on for Promotion!


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